Something I Tried: Ambition Bar

I found Pamela's Ambition Bar on the New Finds shelf at MOM's Organic Market. There are 5 flavors and they are all vegan! I guess this bar markets itself as an energy bar because it contains 70 mg of caffeine, which, for reference, is about 3-4 ounces of Starbucks Pike Place. I don't like energy products, but the flavor was alluring as a dessert, plus they also had a matcha flavor which I promised myself I'd pick up if I liked this one.

The verdict. It's like a dry, gluten-free brownie. There is a tinge of bitterness from the coffee, which I like, although the coffee flavor itself is almost non-detectable. This wasn't for me (so I won't be going back for the matcha flavor), but I could see the appeal for some people...although if you want to get your caffeine, coffee packs more of a punch!