Tonight I Dined: Elevation Burger

Vegan fast food time! Chain restaurant Elevation Burger has 2 veggie burgers, one of which is clearly labelled vegan (hoo-rah). It comes on a either a bun or lettuce wrap and is topped with lettuce, tomato and pickles. At the Houston location the burger itself is $4.99 and the meal with large fries and a soft drink is $9.99...I obviously went for the combo. Yum, yum, yum. The patty is made with brown rice and has juicy bits of corn. Of course I drowned it in ketchup, but the flavor of the burger stood up to my generous application of tomato product. The fries are cooked in olive oil and have a nice flavor, with the right amount of salt. I noticed that a lot of the fries were short...were there small potatoes for this batch perhaps, or maybe that's normal?!?! I would definitely go back if I'm in the mood for delicious fast food, but the price point is a wee bit high, for less money I get a more filling meal at Chipotle (#sofritas).
From the website!